Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, ParamediSIM is not accredited for continuing education credits with any paramedic licensing body.  ParamediSIM scenarios may meet the continuing education requirements of some jurisdictions.  Consult with your local licensing body for further details.


You can view our PC installation walkthrough here.

You can view our Mac installation walkthrough here.

Microsoft Defender flags unrecognized applications as a possible risk.  Since ParamediSIM is very new software, it is not yet recognized by applications such as Microsoft Defender.  As ParamediSIM becomes more commonly downloaded, these warnings will no longer appear during setup.


Once ParamediSIM has been installed, your computer will not show these warnings.


For instructions on how to bypass this warning during setup, visit our Windows Installation Instructions page.

License Keys

Your license key is limited to use on one computer at a time.  Each installation of ParamediSIM on an additional computer requires an additional license key.

Our system can email you another copy of your original order email here.


ParamediSIM uses an update function that may require administrator access on your computer.  Try right clicking the ParamediSIM icon and selecting Run as Administrator.