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What is Early Access?

As the launch date for ParamediSIM approaches, we are working hard to put the final touches on our product.  All of the software features planned for the software’s launch date may not be available at this time and the software in its current state may contain minor bugs.


We will continue to release software patches to address any issues and continue to add content and features. Updates will continue even after launch to improve playability and continue to add content and features to ParamediSIM.  An early access purchase includes automatic updates that include access to all future content.


As a thank you to those who support us during our early access phase, we are offering ParamediSIM at a special early access price.

What is currently available?

ParamediSIM is fully playable.  The user interface is complete and patient physiology is fully simulated.  An in depth tutorial is available to guide new users through how to interact with their virtual patient in ParamediSIM.



Instructors have the ability to assign scenario training to students through our online portal and subsequently access detailed records of a student’s scenario progress.


ParamediSIM features customizable scope of practice settings to ensure scenarios are assessed according to your local scope of practice.



Multiple scenarios are currently available that are randomized and include many different possible treatment pathways.  The scenarios currently included in Early Access are:


  • Cardiac – Bradycardia;
  • Cardiac – Cardiac Arrest;
  • Cardiac – Chest Pain;
  • Cardiac – Tachycardia;
  • Endocrine – Hypoglycemia;
  • Immunology – Anaphylaxis;
  • Neurological – Seizure
  • Neurological – Stroke;
  • Respiratory – Asthma; and
  • Toxicology – Opioid Overdose.

What is still coming?

We are still working hard on the development of ParamediSIM and regularly releasing content and features as they become available.  Purchasing an early access copy of ParamediSIM provides access to all upcoming and planned future content.  Here’s what we are working on:

  • Scenarios, lots of them:
    • Environmental – Heat stroke;
    • Immunology – Sepsis;
    • Gastrointestinal – Gastroenteritis;
    • Genitourinary – Hyperkalemia;
    • Psychiatric – Excited delirium;
    • Respiratory – COPD;
    • Respiratory – Obstructed airway;
    • Respiratory – Pulmonary edema;
    • Respiratory – Pulmonary embolism;
    • Toxicology – Beta blocker overdose;
    • Toxicology – Organophosphate poisoning;
    • Trauma – Burns;
    • Trauma – Fall from height;
    • Trauma – Gunshot wound; and
    • Trauma – Motor vehicle collision.

Recommended System Specifications