Mac Instructions

Step 1

To start using ParamediSIM, download your copy of the software using the link below:

Download For Mac

Step 2

Once the download has finished, locate your Downloads folder using Finder. Double click the file named ParamediSIM.dmg that was downloaded during the previous step.

Step 3

In order to install ParamediSIM, users must agree to the Ender Users License Agreement displayed. Clicking agree will continue the installation of ParamediSIM.

Step 4

Next, drag the ParamediSIM icon on the left into the Applications folder on the right.

Step 5

Now open your Applications folder using Finder. Double click the ParamediSIM icon to launch ParamediSIM.

Step 5

If a prompt is displayed that warns that ParamediSIM was downloaded from the internet, click the Open button.

Step 6

Once launched, ParamediSIM will perform an update to the latest version.

Once the update has completed, click Enter License Key.

Click Validate Key to continue.

Step 7

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and unlocked the full version of ParamediSIM!

If you need more help, visit our Support page.